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We Stand with the People and Animals of Israel

K9 Global Rescue is committed to providing essential medical supplies, and humanitarian aid directly where it is needed. Our teams are already working on humanitarian aid to the region for both humans and animals. A cargo jet has been donated which will transport the huge volume of vital medical supplies and equipment needed.  Unlike all the other conflict zones and disaster relief efforts we have provided, this conflict has deep meaning to some of our group who served in the Israeli Defense Forces and have family and friends who have been personally effected by Hamas's brutal attack on October 7th. Our team all feel for the innocent lives on both sides of this conflict and truly hope and pray that there will be a sustained peace, with security for all and that the people of Israel and the Palestinian community can live in peace. As we have done far too many times, in too may wars, we are boots on the ground and dedicated to serve those without a voice. Our expertise and experience in procuring and logistics with our global partners makes us uniquely positioned to provide vital aid as a quick response team anywhere in the world. We are grateful to all who have donated. We will document our journey as we always do. This is who we are and what we do.

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