Apollo' Journey Out of the Darkness

Apollo’s Journey


On April 23, 2017 while investigating and mapping dog farms in South Korea, We came upon 2 dogs that were in the backyard of a family home in the countryside.  The dogs were in obvious distress locked in and confined to small cages.  They claimed the dogs were family pets, which is the most over used excuse in Korea.  They were in fact being raised to sell to the dog meat traders. After negotiating with the owners, they agreed to surrender the dogs.   K9GR did not pay for either dog.  Apollo now lives in Denver with 3 new sisters.  His sister was adopted by an animal sanctuary in southern Colorado and lives on a 100 acre ranch.


The youngest, who we named Apollo, was born in the cage and was approximately six months old.  Since the cage had a steel mesh floor, Apollo’s paws grew sideways as he was pushing against the mesh to keep his paws from falling through.  On June 6th Apollo was cleared to leave Korea and made the journey, with one of the founders of K9GR, to the US.  He now lives with the founder and his family.


After several visits to the vet’s office and multiple consultations, Apollo required 2 extensive surgeries and therapy to straighten his paws. as much as possible.  This amazing, gentle, loving and trusting dog has been through too much in his short life, but he still has the will to live a normal happy and healthy life.  Some dogs, like Apollo, hit your heart like a lightning bolt.  No amount of money is greater than the love and devotion this wonderful Boy will give and get for many years.