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We get asked all the time why we put ourselves into harm's way "just for a dog." Our founders are veterans of combat in many areas around the world. Being in harm's way is nothing new to them, and they do what needs to be done without hesitation.  We saved the nine puppies in the picture below in the desert.  We vaccinated and brought them to good health.  They now will have a life with these service men and women.

Take a look at the sixteen faces in this photo. What you will see is happiness and guaranteed survival. THIS is why we risk our lives at K9 Global Rescue. — feeling accomplished.








In the Middle East, on a long road heading back to a joint

coalition base, there is a dumping ground in the middle of the desert. In this dumping ground, you will find many animals, both dead and alive. The living come to feed on the dead in the form of the many feral dogs that roam the desert.

On this day in the dumping grounds, something was different. US troops returning from a patrol of the surrounding areas noticed six small figures moving among the dead. They were eating off of dead goats to survive in their young age,  and sleeping in a hole in the ground with no mother in sight to feed from.  Without hesitation, our troops stopped and scooped up the puppies that would most likely not have survived the harsh environment if it was not for their intervention. 

But now that they saved them, what to do with them? A makeshift shelter was made for the dogs on their base until they could get them to the vet, and find a suitable facility to keep them. Then the call went out to fellow troops, friends, and family back home in the US to find homes for them. Then the real work began.........All six pups were taken to a local vet for checkups, and it was estimated they were 6-8 weeks old. Too young to travel, or even receive vaccines, they were placed in boarding off base until they were old enough to travel. Fast forward several months, and that time is now.After great effort on the part of our troops, and K9 Global Rescue, these dogs are coming back to the US. Our troops and K9 Global Rescue need your help to raise the funds to get them here. Five are going to Washington DC, and one is heading to Tampa, Florida. Between flights, and all the additional costs to be incurred, we anticipate the cost will be around $5000 to get them to their new homes. K9 Global Rescue has promised to do everything possible to reach this goal, so these puppies can reunite with their heroes upon their return.Our troops made a difference in the lives of these pups while serving overseas. Helping them get these puppies home is the least we can do to show them the appreciation we have for the sacrifices they have made for all of us. WIth your help.........we can!

Saving War Dogs

Saving War Dogs

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