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On a hot day in May 2018, the K9 Global Rescue team entered a dog farm that it had previously visited.  On this occasion the K9GR team were accompanied by local police and city environmental authorities.  Upon entering the farm it became immediately apparent that this dog meat farm was violating environmental and animal cruelty laws.  After a quick walk through at the entrance one of the cages contained 7 dogs.  In the back of the cage was an English Setter.  She was shaking uncontrollably and it was obvious she was traumatized.  It was also obvious that she was a stolen pet.  With the cooperation of the authorities and questioning the farm owner, he admitted that the dog could have been stolen, but he didn't know. The team insisted that the dog be turned over to them.  The owner was reluctant and wanted to be paid for the dog.  The K9GR team never pays for a dog.  Paying only entitles the owner to use that money to buy or steal additional dogs.  After threats of pressing charges and fines the owner agreed to turn the English Setter over to K9 Global Rescue.
Once in the team's possession the team did a quick triage evaluation.  It was determined that besides the trauma Jesse was suffering from pneumonia and was extremely malnourished.  In the car ride to the veterinarian she shook uncontrollably while curled in the lap of our co-founder Jon sitting in the front seat.  After a few minutes her shaking stopped and her eyes brightened.  She knew we weren't there to hurt her, but to save her.  After being treated at the veterinarian for 5 days in a tent and testing negative for any disease, Jesse was placed into foster care. where she remained for 5 weeks. She weighed 13lbs when rescued.  Today she is 35lbs and her transformation from a traumatized, sick dog has been amazing.  Her personality was one of pure love and devotion.  She is a beautiful soul.  As with all the dogs K9GR or other organizations save, it is hard to imagine the cruel and inhuman life these dogs have lead.  Every dog should be given the life that Jesse now has.  It is with the support and generosity of our followers that allow us to save dogs like Jesse and give them the life all dogs and animals deserve.  Jesse was adopted by Jon and lives a wonderful life with his family.

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