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Our Mission

K9 GLOBAL RESCUE is a dedicated group of former military veterans and volunteers

from different countries working in cooperation with rescue organizations, government

and disaster relief agencies worldwide for the humanity of dogs and all without a voice

  • Provide worldwide disaster relief

  • Improving the lives of dogs through positive caring, education and change

  • End the cruelty and slaughter of dogs in the dog meat trade

  • Outlaw and ban all puppy mills and dog farms

  • Provide health services including disease mitigation, vaccinations, spay & neuter

  • Domestic and International transporting dogs for adoption to forever homes 

  • Work with military agencies, foreign governments on disease risk mitigation & population control 

  • Assist service men and women who wish to bring their adopted best friends home to the United States. 

  • Identify military and contract working dogs being retired that can still work and donate them to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies unable to afford the cost of acquiring new K9​ service dogs

  • Establish sanctuaries to care for abused dogs, dogs with disabilities, dogs bred for consumption, dogs with behavioral issues and older abandoned dogs

  • Combat Global wildlife trafficking and poaching

K9 Global Rescue was formally established as a US based NGO 501 (c) (3) in 2017.  Since 2010 K9GR has operated throughout the United States, Asia, The Middle East and Europe as a group of former international military and combat veterans as advocates for the humanity of dogs and all animals. K9 Global Rescue’s efforts to stop the dog and cat meat trade throughout Asia are well documented. This group of dedicated international military veterans, first responders, doctors, veterinarians, and volunteers from several countries work in cooperation with rescue organizations, military, government and disaster relief agencies worldwide.





At K9 Global Rescue, our mission is to leverage the expertise and dedication of a global network of individuals, particularly those with a background in military service, veterinarians, doctors, first responders and volunteers to safeguard and enhance the lives of animals in need. Through international rescue operations, rehabilitation programs, and proactive advocacy, we aim to forge a world where animals are treated with utmost respect and empathy. Acknowledging the profound bond between veterans and animals, K9 Global Rescue channels the skills honed in military service to create a lasting impact on the welfare of animals, offering them a second chance and a pathway to a more promising future. As ambassadors of compassion and action, our global community of K9 Global Rescue participants is committed to fostering responsible pet ownership, combating animal cruelty, and championing conservation initiatives. K9 Global Rescue exemplifies the enduring spirit of service redirected towards ensuring the well-being of the world's most vulnerable creatures. Together, we embark on a mission where the collective strength of our network becomes a powerful force for compassion, resilience, and positive change in the lives of animals across the globe. 




We’ve been asked many times "who are those guys" risking their lives saving dogs and all those without a voice. The individuals who give so much of themselves. These dedicated, passionate proud volunteers who serve in all areas with K9 Global Rescue. From administration, ground and logistic support to the frontline combat zone work in Ukraine, and throughout Asia and the Middle East. Each of these individuals have given of themselves, taken time from family and jobs and have put themselves in harm’s way. We are grateful for the team we have and for the sacrifices and loyalty that each one has dedicated themselves to helping those without a voice. Each one of these extraordinary individuals deserves recognition.

                                                         Jon Barocas







Along with a group of military veterans, Barocas, a former combat veteran, unofficially started rescuing dogs in 1994 in Thailand and Cambodia and formally established K9 Global Rescue in 2017. For over 30 years he has worked throughout Asia advocating for the end to the dog and cat meat trade and shuttering slaughterhouses and dog meat farms. His experiences saving dogs and working tirelessly for population control and disease mitigation throughout the United States, Mexico, Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan and Asia are well documented. When the Ukraine conflict began, he dedicated his organization to the welfare of all animals caught in the devastating conflict, delivering humanitarian aid, veterinarian supplies and working the front line to save dogs and cats left behind. Working and partnering with rescue organizations, shelters and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, K9 Global Rescue have saved countless animals and humans and provided essential humanitarian aid throughout Ukraine. 

                                          Dr. Andrew Kushnir “The Nomad Vet”





A veterinarian of Ukrainian heritage, Andrew's father's side of the family fled Ukraine during World War II. When the devastating war began in February, Andrew immediately thought of his family, the people of Ukraine—and as a vet, he thought of the animals. Andrew is known internationally as the “Nomad Vet” and has been working with K9GR and providing aid to refugees and their pets, from the start of the conflict, while also assisting shelters, sanctuaries, and zoos in Ukraine and Poland. His knowledge of animals and the compassion he shows is extraordinary. His qualifications include Large animal, Wildlife and Shelter Medicine. He has worked with the IFAW and was featured on the Vanderpump Dogs reality TV series.

                                          Colton Martin









 United States Army - 82nd Airborne 

68W- healthcare specialist/combat medic

1/73 Cav 2nd brigade

Colton is Boston born but country raised. His compassion lies with lost souls and has found his calling through the service to those in need by Interacting with trauma survivors and other veterans who have experience with PTSD. Colton has found a special calling in "equine therapy," veteran horse therapy involving interactions between a veteran and a horse.

                                     Brian Rutter









Staff Photojournalist

Brian Rutter is a renowned Documentary Photographer and Photojournalist currently based in Dublin, Ireland.  He joined K9GR in 2022 to help document K9 Global Rescue efforts in Ukraine. As a freelance war photographer, Brian has spent the last 12 years covering conflict and humanitarian issues from around the globe. 

                                        Paul Grey








2003 - 2006 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) 

2 deployments Iraq

Purple Heart

Iraq Campaign Medal / Combat Infantryman Badge / Marksmanship medal

2022-2004 Ukrainian Foreign Legion

                                    Matt Roberts









US Army Paratrooper

Matt works in public safety instructing Fire and EMS. He has a drive to helping others and in teaching people to do the same. Matt joined K9GR in March 2022 with his military experience and love of animals.

                                                  Daniel Holz






Captain US Marine Corps six years of service always seeking a challenging role leveraging leadership, aviation support, and logistics expertise.

Led aviation support and logistics operations with Marine Aviation Support Group 21, Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 39 HMLA-469 Vengeance, and HMLA-367 Scarface.

Completed a successful deployment to Japan and the South China Sea.

Over 200 flight hours as a UH-1Y Huey Crew Chief.

Team Rubicon Volunteer

Actively engaged in humanitarian relief efforts, contributing to disaster-stricken areas and community rebuilding.

                                        Christina Irinco









Much Love Animal Rescue Society

The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

Team Rubicon - Leadership Team Membership Coordinator Sawyer/chainsaw operator


A native of Los Angeles, embodies a unique blend of expertise in Events, Finance, and Graphic Design. Her journey through diverse industries, including non-profit, entertainment, higher education, and military bases, reflects a versatile skill set and a passion for adapting to various professional landscapes.Beyond her professional endeavors, Christina is deeply committed to volunteer work and actively contributes to servicing her community. This commitment reflects her values and the belief that positive change begins at the grassroots level. Whether it's organizing events, managing finances, or creating visually compelling designs, Christina's dedication extends beyond the workplace to make a meaningful impact on her community.

                                                    Tab Kurtz









32 years of service

104th INF Det. LRSD

19th SFG

129th INF Det. LRSD

2 combat deployments

Since retiring Tab has deployed and worked with K9 Global Rescue in Ukraine in order to assist and support the people and animals of Ukraine. He is an avid paratrooper and spends his time with fellow veteran paratrooper jump clubs or works restoring historical military vehicles.​

                                                               John Rader





22 years Denver Sheriff Department

10 years United States Marine Corps. - Sergeant

Instructor in hand-to-hand combat and ground fighting

Primary Marksmanship Instructor

Indoor Simulated Marksmanship Trainer

Meritorious Masts, letters of recommendation, Two Navy Achievement Medals

John is a dedicated, 22-year law enforcement officer.

As a former marine, John provides invaluable leadership and experience to K9 Global Rescue.​

                                                         Rafał Sikora, General Counsel


Rafał has been instrumental is setting up the K9GR Polish Foundation, advising and guiding us through the complicated Polish government structure. He is a well-known and highly regarded attorney. Along with his wife and 2 daughters they adopted Izzy who K9GR saved from certain death in Izium, Ukraine.

                                                       LT Colonel (Ret) Eric Cleveland




26 years Regular Army as an Armor officer

United States Marine Corps Reserve

Deployments: Desert Storm, Afghanistan, Iraq

Bronze Star, Meritorious Service Medal with silver Oak Leaf Cluster,

five campaign medals, the Army Staff Identification Badge.

                               Geoffrey Thayer

Assumption College Master of Business Administration

2017 – present US Coast Guard

Auxiliarist Division-level Vice Commander

Leadership and Development Academy - US Coast Guard Academy


Geoffrey was born and raised in the northeast US and has always been in the good company of rescue animals throughout his life. After college, he spent a few years as a volunteer at a therapeutic equestrian center where I saw firsthand the impact that humans and animals have on each other’s lives. He holds Master of Business Administration and is in his final year of his PhD in Organizational Leadership. He serves as a division-level vice commander, overseeing around 200 other Auxiliarists across various missions ranging from Boating Safety, to Search and Rescue to Vessel Inspections and everything in between. He attend the Leadership and Development Academy at the US Coast Guard Academy twice. He lives with his amazing family which includes 2 rescue dogs and 2 rescue cats.

                       Dan Olthen

Armed Forces Federal Republic of Germany

For the Past 7 years Dan has lived and worked as a developer within the video games industry in Warsaw. Together with Paddy and Rafał, Dan has been a foundation of support and logistics for K9GR. His military experience has been imperative to K9GR's mission

                                          Patrick “Paddy” Ney




Originally From the UK, Patrick has lived in Poland for 13 years. He is a Parenting Trainer at All About Parenting. He lives in Warsaw with his wife and 2 daughters and is the grateful owner of a K9 Rescue Dog from Kharkiv, Boomer. Patrick has been paramount and instrumental in our ground and logistics support for each mission.






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