K9 Global Rescue has partnered with Colorado Pet Pantry during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide information about pet food banks and emergency pet food, and to get pet food delivered for service animals and pets for seniors, disabled individuals, individuals in need and our veterans in need. Please see the information and links below and pass this information and share to anyone you know that needs assistance. If you need help with pet food before you can get to an “open to the public” pet food bank, please fill out the form at the link below or call 720-441-3111 for assistance:

The Colorado Pet Pantry will work with partners (including K9 Global Rescue) to help you obtain pet food until the next monthly pet food bank. This emergency food is ONLY available for your pets and not for neighbors, family, friends, strays/ferals, etc. CPP's goal is to help you keep your pets in your family during this time of need.

If deemed necessary, K9 Global Rescue will deliver pet food in the DENVER METRO-AREA for service animals and pets of seniors, disabled individuals, individuals in need and our veterans in need. All deliveries will be coordinated through Colorado Pet Pantry. If this applies to you, please fill out the form here: https://www.coloradopetpantry.org/…/emergency-pet-food-pro…/

K9 Global Rescue is looking for volunteers in the DENVER METRO AREA to deliver pet food and / or human food to seniors, disabled individuals or veterans with service animals and pets that are shuttering in place. It will be a pick up and drop off process. No contact with people. If you're interested and can volunteer your time and transportation please email jon@k9globalrescue.org.




On 30 April 2019, K9 Global Rescue raided a dog meat farm in South Korea.  Over a three day period, K9GR removed approximately 48 dogs and puppies from the farm. The farm has been permanently shut down and demolished. In it's place today there is a field of planted vegetables. K9GR did not pay for these dogs and will never pay to obtain a dogs freedom, but we will take whatever action is needed to save every dog. Paying for dogs only entitles the farmer , slaughterhouse or butcher to continue to torture  and murder dogs and cats.

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Don't think about what isn't

Think about what will be









K9 GLOBAL RESCUE is a dedicated group of former combat veterans working with

volunteers in cooperation with rescue organizations, government agencies and

disaster relief agencies worldwide for the humanity of dogs and all animals

  •  End the cruelty and slaughter of dogs for the dog meat trade and Human consumption

  • Outlaw and ban all puppy mills and dog farms

  • Provide health services including disease mitigation, vaccinations, spay & neuter

  • Domestic and International transporting dogs for adoption to forever homes 

  • Work with military agencies, foreign governments on disease risk mitigation & population control 

  • Provide worldwide disaster relief, rescue and recovery

  • Assist service men and women who wish to bring their adopted best friends home to the United States. 

  • Identify military and contract working dogs being retired that can still work and donate them to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies unable to afford the cost of acquiring new K9​ service dogs

  • Improving the lives of dogs through positive caring, education and change

  • Establish safe haven farms to care for abused dogs, dogs with disabilities and dogs bred for consumption 

  • Research, Education and Conservation for professionals, advocates, volunteers and youth globally

  • Combat Global wildlife trafficking and poaching

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Create A Humane, Compassionate World

"Both humans and animals have the right to be free from prejudice and discrimination.”

President Moon Jae-in

President of Republic of Korea



All Video & Pictures are the Property of K9 Global Rescue